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If you need liquidity for purchases or to deal with contingencies, you can access Green Day Loans. Loans between individuals, do not require excessive guarantees, as the loan is granted between private individuals and without there are problems of the fulfillment of the payment of the credit line granted. In fact, both those who lend the money and those who receive the sum loaned can find a formal agreement on the amount with, any interest requested and on the duration of the loan without too stringent constraints. The payment of the issued bills is the mode of extinction of this type of loan. Let’s see how the bill is drawn up, what role it plays in the loan that has been changed and how to protect itself from any default in the event that the debtor does not honor the loan.

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The bill in the loan changed

In practice and in commercial law, the bill, whose source is the Royal Decree of 14 December 1933 n. 1669, is a credit instrument whose purpose is to postpone payment of a pecuniary obligation at a time subsequent to the one in which it is issued. The bill according to article 20 of Presidential Decree 642/1972 is an enforceable title if stamp duty is applied; therefore the due rate (12 per thousand) must be applied to the amount in euros on the bill with rounding of the cents. The taxpayer does nothing but pays the tax using the card for bills and on the back of the same does nothing but affix the brands.

On the front of the bill you must write the DATE AND PLACE OF ISSUE, insert the AMOUNT in euros or the amount of the payable expressed in numerical numbers, indication of the EXPIRATION if a specific day or I will pay on September 29, 2016, at a certain time date , ie I will pay in two months, on sight or the bill will be paid as soon as it is presented, at some time view or the bill will be paid when the time period indicated by the date of the protestor acceptance will run.

Then the PAYMENT ORDER must be indicated, the voice of which changes depending on whether it is a draft bill or a promissory note; indicate the BENEFICIARY or the creditor of the bill itself that can be either a natural person or a legal entity such as a company (SRL, SPA, SNC, etc.), AMOUNT in letters in such a way that there is no discrepancy with what is written in the figure numbers, indicate the dOMICILIATION or the place where you should run the payment of promissory note that can beat the domicile of the debtor or over the counter at a bank, the data of the dEBTOR and SIGNATURE of the debtor must then be affixed to become obligor of payment of the bill. On the back of the bill, the BOLLO must be applied for the execution of the changed title, the amount of which is proportional to the sum of the sum (12 per thousand of the amount indicated on the front of the bond).

Therefore, loans with bills of exchange between individuals, are an easy, fast and safe way to obtain credit, the seriousness of those who grant a loan with bills of exchange and who receives the sum is important. It is necessary to agree on all the economic aspects before entering into a loan contract with bills of exchange between individuals, in order to avoid misunderstandings and recourse to legal actions. Let’s see how to get back the loan without problems.

How to protect yourself to avoid the non-fulfillment of the loan changed by private individuals

How to protect yourself to avoid the non-fulfillment of the loan changed by private individuals

Have you granted a loan on the basis of exclusively verbal agreements? Even if you have given them to trust people you have known for years, they can very often lead to the emergence of problems due to the bad habit of not formalizing a loan by acting in writing.

It would be good advice and good practice for the creditor to self-protect himself through the use of an executive credit instrument such as the bill of exchange, which serves as a valid guarantee instrument for exercising recourse on the assets of the debtor. Loans between private individuals with bills of exchange represent a form of financing that does not require the intervention of financial companies or credit institutions but which exists between two private individuals with the guarantee of an enforceable title in the event of failure to repay the debt to protect the lender of funds.

For those who, instead, had granted the loan without exercising for this option and did not formalize a written agreement between the parties, it is necessary immediately to take action to document the financing or, to try to find a tracking of the same as a receipt , in the in case the loan was made by bank transfer, bank draft or postal order. If the loan has been granted and paid by bank transfer to the applicant, proof of the transaction requires a receipt of the statement requested directly from the branch of the credit institution or the post office; if the loan is instead granted and disbursed by cash it is necessary to use two physical persons as reliable witnesses aimed at confirming the veracity of the situation.

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