Loans changed without pay

Loans changed without pay



Before talking about loans without payroll, let us mention a moment to the economic crisis and employment crisis : now it is a fact, the macroeconomic scenario is absolutely rather nebulous and the recovery slow, Italian families are increasingly poor in real terms and they need liquidity. The demand for loans and mortgages seems to have resumed its upward and growth phase and seems to be destined to reach pre-crisis levels, even if today we are still far from it. We must not deny the fact that the credit system, in the last few years, is always more demanding and careful to request the presence of adequate guarantees, that not all potential borrowers are able to fulfill ad hoc . The macroeconomic scenario has become difficult and quite boundary with a change in the stability of the labor market, in particular for young people.

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Moreover, alongside the difficult conditions of the employment market, the demand for online loans has increased at more favorable and favorable conditions, at the same time the demand for loans without payroll has increased : this is due to the simple fact that the Italian and international economic situation, in recent years, it has reduced the number of people able to provide traditional guarantees in the face of a growing number of people who need immediate liquidity to face urgent expenses or to face unexpected events.

This is a greater demand for credit but, at the same time, credit consumers have less guarantees to present. How to react to such a pitiless and difficult context? If, through the banks and the entire credit system, it is increasingly difficult to obtain personal loans without guarantees , there are some tricks and valid alternatives, thanks to some financial companies that are showing more flexibility and flexibility, offering loans to the public that can be changed even who does not possess the fateful paycheck. The loan at the time, historically and economically, has returned in great fashion and in great demand to meet the demand for liquidity from Italian families and, in particular, for those target credit consumers who need a loan without paycheck. The bill becomes the payment and guarantee instrument to meet if the debtor does not honor the contract.


Loans with bill of exchange: the role of the credit title for those without a paycheck

Loans with bill of exchange: the role of the credit title for those without a paycheck

The bill is a credit that has the oldest origins; since the Middle Ages and the commercial exchanges, with the maritime and land trades, the subject who was not in possession of liquidity to pay the goods, issued to the creditor a promise of payment represented by a formal document drawn up and signed between the parties , the so-called exchange letter. With the formalization of an agreement between the parties, the first borrower of the change was not to wait until the deadline for obtaining the claim was due, but could transfer the title of change to third parties using it as a surrogate to the payment instrument to buy other commercial goods or to sell it to other subjects would have discounted the bill. In this way, the amount contained in the exchange document was “discounted” for a variable depending on the period of time required for the fixed expiry contained in the credit instrument.

Even today, although millennia have elapsed since the medieval era and the first commercial traffics, the bill has kept intact this function as a credit instrument, allowing a rapid and safe circulation of the credit right embedded in it. With regard to the discipline of the exchange stock, it is contained in the rd dated 14/12/1933 n.1669 , the so-called exchange law .

Besides the incorporation of the credit right, the bill has several features that can be summarized below:

  • the bill is a credit certificate with complete literacy since the elements of credit law must be contained in the bill,
  • the bill is endowed with the requirement of autonomy ,
  • the bill is endowed with the requirement of abstractness , in the sense that no mention is made of the underlying relationship, which gave rise to the issue of the credit instrument. The relationship underlying the issue of the bill is irrelevant and operates only with respect to third parties taking the bill and not against the first borrower.
  • the bill is a title to the order ,
  • the bill is an enforceable title : in case of default of the debtor, the borrower of the title is not required to establish any judgment against the defaulting debtor, being able to directly promote an enforcement procedure. To act against the debtor, it is essential that the bill is stamped from the moment of its issuance,
  • the bill is a formal title: it must be drawn up according to the requirements established by the exchange law.

The credit title is formed using a specific form available on the market, the price of which also includes the stamp duty: the use of these forms is not binding and you can obtain a bill even using a simple sheet of paper, having the ‘prudence to fulfill the obligations of a fiscal nature .

Hence the importance of the credit product of the loan changed for those who did not have adequate guarantees to fulfill the contract contracted. This is a loan designed for those without work as the paycheck is not absolutely necessary to request it : it can also be requested by the unemployed , by self-employed workers , housewives and all those employees who are unable to demonstrate the just work because they do not have a regular work contract . In addition to those without paychecks, loans with bills of exchange can also be granted to those subjects who usually can not easily obtain financing and are not so-called “non-bankable” subjects, such as the protested or bad payers. The funded loans are famous and relevant for the speed with which they are usually provided to the applicant. There is talk of really short times as the money is delivered by check or by bank transfer within 48 hours of acceptance of the request.

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