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One of the classic types of home loans are loans backed by a home-based change of title. It is a perfect form of credit for those who have decided to take out loans with a change document and want to receive the amount and financial capital paid to the subscriber subject comfortably at home with a banker’s draft .

The bills of exchange are debt securities that are often called ” home loans ” due to the fact that these securities can be kept at home and, at the end of the loan contract, only one bill must be paid. to guarantee all the contract debt. The credit is removed only at maturity (as indicated on the credit) and after the total fulfillment of the obligation assumed. We see in this guide to understand what this type of loan is assisted by the title of change, how they work, who can request them, what are the documents and requirements necessary to make a request, what are the costs of the loan and what financial disburse them.

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  • What are home-based loans? What is it?
  • The bill for home loans: the credit title
  • When should I apply for a home loan?
  • How to get the loan: documentation
  • How to ask: Financial of the area of residence
  • Isicredit and Prestimarket solutions
  • The advantages

What are home-based loans? What is it?

When we talk about loans received at home, in practice we usually refer to three situations : the first concerns the fact of receiving financial capital by crediting the circular allowance sent to the domicile of the applicant, the second type of case. occurs when an applicant seeks out an agency in financial activity located in his / her area of residence and the last situation is related to the fact that a requesting subject opts for a home consultation from a person in charge who goes at the home of the potential underwriter of the loan. In all the three situations described above, we speak of a home loan, precisely because the capital provided and the advice, in addition to the completion of the loan agreement, takes place at home.

The bill for home loans: the credit title

The bill for home loans: the credit title

The credit instrument that guarantees the loan and assumes the value of a payment instrument is represented by the bill of exchange , which must be regularly stamped. The following information and useful contents must be reported in the bill :

  • the denomination of the title of promissory note (money order or promissory note) included in the content of the title of credit;
  • the order to pay a certain sum (for the route) or a promise of payment (for the promissory note);
  • indication of the deadline and place of payment
  • the name, place and date of birth -or the tax code- of the person designated to pay (subject “tract” for the routes and “issuer” for promissory notes);
  • the name of the person to whom the payment must be made (so-called “beneficiary”);
  • indication of the place and date where the bill is issued;
  • the signature of the subject issuing the bill of exchange (“trait” subject in the case of trafficking and “issuer” in the case of promissory notes or promissory notes). In the case of money orders must also be indicated the tax code of the issuer or the place and date of birth of the subject.

When should I apply for a home loan?

When should I apply for a home loan?

Since it is a type of loans whose contractual and economic conditions may be more binding and burdensome than traditional personal loans, it is more convenient to apply for loans that have been changed only if the subject has no other access to the credit market. , as in the case of loans to bad payers or protested or foreclosed parties or people without a paycheck .

In fact, just for those who have difficulty in finding a traditional loan and at the same time, a subject reported to the Crif data banks with negative merit , the only hope and alternative way is to request a loan with bills as the bill gives the right of the creditor body to regain possession of the loan, in an easy manner, if the principal debtor fails to make regular payments of the installments of the obligation assumed. The bill is an executive title, with order, with autonomy and complete literacy.

For a bad paying or protested subject who has a rather negative credit history and is not in possession of a paycheck (form of guarantee) can request credit advice in the area of residence, to the agency in financial activity closest to his / her home. of a person in charge who visits him without time constraints at home. Credit counseling is absolutely free and, in order to obtain a personalized amortization plan, the bad payer or protested person must show all the useful documentation to proceed with a “specific” case analysis.

How to get the loan: documentation

How to get the loan: documentation

After submitting the application for this form of loans in the traditional way, or by contacting the financial company or telematically directly, filling out the online form, if the credit counselor’s request is accepted, we will contact you and arrange an appointment at the domicile of the applicant.


Upon receipt of the visit of the person in charge at the residence of the applicant, to benefit from the “personalized” advice, it is necessary to present the useful documentation to attest to their work and income status . In particular, anti-money laundering regulations require the delivery of tax documentation: Italian citizens must present a valid identity card or driving license, in addition to the tax code, while EU and non-EU citizens must also present the certificate of residence and the valid residence permit and not expired.

As regards the certificates concerning the income and work conditions, the users must be segmented between employees, retired and self-employed . As far as employees are concerned, they must attach the last paycheck and possibly the CUD, while retirees must present the last pension slip or the Obis model. Self-employed professionals or self-employed workers must show the latest Model 730 or Unico income tax return form and the F24 form, as well as the VAT registration certificate and the Chamber of Commerce certificate. The documentation requested may also vary from a creditor body to a creditor body: for the finalized loans, required for the purchase of a specific good or service, must be presented – in addition to the aforementioned – an estimate of the expense to be incurred, or a proven one documentation certifying the purpose for which the requested financial capital is used.

How to ask: Financial of the area of residence

How to ask: Financial of the area of residence

A simple, safe and fast way to obtain a loan with home bills is to submit an application to the Agency in financial activity close to the domicile of the applicant or in any case in the province of residence of the applicant. In this case, the procedure to be applied for the request for a loan is to visit the credit counselor in the Agency, present the documentation and make an appointment at the domicile. In the meantime, the credit advisor verifies the feasibility of the request and, if the answer is positive, the documents are signed and, within a few days, the payment of the amount requested is obtained at home, by bank draft.

For further information on which Financial Institutions of the area of residence (Municipality or Province in which you reside) are able to offer this credit service, it is good to consult online on the institutional sites of the Agencies, if they are able to offer this form of credit assisted from bills with simultaneous crediting of loans by bank draft. You can fill out the online form for detailed information or contact the Agent by phone.

Isicredit and Prestimarket solutions

Isicredit and Prestimarket solutions

If the applicant has verified in the area of residence, the inability to find an agency in financial activity able to offer loans with home-delivery bills, can always contact and rely on the credit advice of the major players on the market: Isicredit and Prestimarket .

Prestimarket is a financial company specializing in providing home loans: among these, the applicant has the possibility to apply for loans that have been changed , simply by indicating the amount of credit needed, the purpose and duration of the repayment plan; in addition, all information concerning income and credit capacity must be indicated. To request a free estimate without obligation, you can visit the website www.prestimarket.it : it is simple, in a few clicks, you fill out the online form with all the necessary information to allow the consultant to evaluate the feasibility. In a few hours, the customer will be contacted by a person in charge who will make a home visit. For more information, contact [email protected] , Gori Gianluca will answer all your doubts and requests.

One of the main companies that offers the service of loans with bills of exchange is Isicredit , which offers its customers free home-based consultancy services. The valid promotion offered by Isicredit to those who request this form of loan is interesting:

  • capital financed 24. 692 euros
  • disbursement of the capital requested by check at home
  • Tan 4%
  • Taeg 5.70%
  • installment 250 euros
  • duration of the amortization schedule 120 months

The advantages

Home- traded loans are advantageous for those who, upon issuing bills of exchange, wish to receive directly from their home, sending and requesting a check. In Italy it is only financial companies, especially small ones, that provide home-based loans , while credit institutions do not offer this possibility, but in certain cases, they can grant loans changed to the branch and with the simultaneous crediting of the sum requested. by bank transfer.

From here it is understood that this form of loan is certainly suitable for all parties and customer segments who do not want or can not turn to the banking channel. The advantages of this form of loan are not limited only to the convenience of being able to receive the check directly at home, but allow access to the credit market also by bad payers and protestors, in addition to the renewal of bills with an increase interests.

From the point of view of economic burdens, loans with home-based bills can also be cheaper in terms of expenses , commission for investigations and interest applied (see the commercial promotion of Isicredit). In this difficult economic context and employment uncertainty, home-based loans represent a constantly growing credit product able to satisfy every user base, in particular the “weak” customers and with previous problems.

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