Loans changed with no guarantor

Loans changed with no guarantor

In the credit market, in addition to the loans that have been changed, assisted by the request for suitable guarantees or by the signature of a co-ordinated third party, in the last few years there has been a variant that can be classified in that product that combines the loans without the need to present a guarantor or a paycheck .

Yes, because with the rather uncertain and worrying credit and macroeconomic scenario, even credit intermediaries, particularly credit brokers, have had to adapt to the growing demand for customer basins considered “non-bankable” and therefore, a good share of consumers not considered by the banking system, reputing them to a high level of default. This is why in this guide it is necessary to start from the distribution channels of bankruptcy loans without guarantor and not assisted by paychecks.


Distribution of loans without guarantor and without paycheck

As for the commercial offer of this particular type of loans, born with the economic and employment crisis, surely you will never enter a bank or an agency in financial activity to request a product of this kind. Why? In recent years, banks to avoid default and to ensure repayment of the loan disbursements require “stringent” conditions that make access to the credit market increasingly difficult.

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For a bank, you must have a current account to open at the bank branch, be a holder of a paycheck or adequate guarantees as sources of alternative income (rent, life annuity, maintenance allowance, etc.) to be the holder of a registered or immovable property , to stipulate a life insurance policy or employment risk or for disability or serious illness , to stipulate a bank guarantee agreement or to present the guarantee of a third party who is able to take on the debt, if the subscriber is in default.

In practice, to apply for a loan without guarantor or paycheck, it is necessary to contact credit brokers who, being independent subjects and without a mandate from financial companies or banks, will act only for the exclusive interest of customers, credit consumers. Credit intermediaries are professionals, intermediaries able to find on the credit market the best solution to satisfy the request of the applicant at 360 degrees. Therefore, all applicants are considered valid and fundable by the channel of mediators; not only that, another viable alternative to consider is that of loans between serious private subjects that can be requested by submitting the online application. Only Smartika and Prestiamoci are, indeed, able to put you in touch with a serious private lender who dispense loans without a pay check or without a guarantor. The loans for bills of exchange for the presence of the promissory note allow the subject lender to meet all its claims, in particular, in the event of non-fulfillment of payment of the bill on the part of the debtor.

Loans with drafts without guarantor: peculiar characteristics

 Loans with drafts without guarantor: peculiar characteristics

Loans with bills of exchange without guarantor are a credit product in which the only obligor, obliged to fulfill the pecuniary obligation contracted, will be the requesting party and subscriber of the promissory note, bearing the stamp duty. They therefore do not take part in the loan contract assisted by bills of exchange, others except the creditor (the lender ) and the debtor (the one who receives the sum of money, which must repay the sum plus the interest).

Loans that have been changed without a paycheck and without a guarantor are financing contracts that take advantage of the bill as an enforceable title and order, in cases where the applicant does not hold an income guarantee such as a pay check and is unable to present a third party as the guarantor. In the event that the debtor fails to settle his debt, the creditor may request the foreclosure of the assets and the subsequent auction to satisfy and close the debt.

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