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Are you retired and need a fast loan with bills ? Fast, practical, to cope with urgencies, the loan changed or with bills allows you to get a loan quickly and quickly, even at home, in 24/48 hours without showing even the coupon of your pension and you can also be protested subjects or bad payers. It is not necessary that there is a third party guarantor or underwrite a surety policy because the title of change constitutes the instrument of guarantee and payment, a surrogate of the monthly payment that should be honored in case of opening and signing a traditional loan contract “. We see in this guide how retired pensioners can find loans with bills of exchange on the credit market and which credit operators are the main players in offering this fast product.


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  • Loans changed for retired persons: the bill of exchange
  • Loans with bills: reliability and security for the pensioner
  • Loan with bill of exchange: timing and documentation that the pensioner must present
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Loans changed for retired persons: the bill of exchange

The bill represents a credit instrument that allows the creditor (often a credit institution) to obtain a faster fulfillment of their claims in the case in which it was not possible to fulfill the pecuniary obligation. Thanks to the feature of enforceability of this credit title (guaranteed by the tax stamp), the bank can start the expropriative procedure of assets of the retired person, without having to go through the ordinary bureaucratic “length” that, instead, would be activated in the case in which it was not possible to correctly fulfill the installments of an “ordinary” personal loan: this means that if the bills are not paid on time, the credit institution will deposit the title directly from the notary to start a protest practice and redo on retiree assets as quickly as possible.

Loans with bills: reliability and security for the pensioner

For the pensioner who needed a fast and reliable loan, the loan with a bill would be the ideal and best solution for urgently accessing the credit market. In fact, the bill is an enforceable title and, in the event of insolvency, the provider can request the attachment of assets owned by the borrower (the pensioner). Provided with the signing of the loan on bills of exchange, the fast loan with bills clearly reduces the time of acceptance but also the possible rejection of the request for a request.

Loan with bill of exchange: timing and documentation that the pensioner must present

 Loan with bill of exchange: timing and documentation that the pensioner must present

It is indeed possible to obtain the required financial capital over a period of time ranging from 24 hours to 3 days maximum. The sharply reduced timing in the acceptance of the loan investigation procedure and in the provision of the requested capital is what characterizes and distinguishes the category of fast loans with bills of exchange. The same promissory notes constitute the guarantee of recovery of the goods of the contracting party in case of non-fulfillment of the pecuniary obligation assumed.

It is good to know the necessary documents to be presented autonomously to speed up the loan practice with bills:

  • pension slip,
  • 2016 single certification (former CUD),
  • valid identity card;
  • fiscal Code;
  • assets to guarantee the affixing of the signature on bills of exchange.

Loan changed: where to find it

Although for years this form of financing has been forgotten for years, in the last six or seven years, since the outbreak of the economic crisis, the loan with a bill has come back very popular: this is a proof of the historical and economic moment, not positive, given that there is a growing need for liquidity, jobs are unstable and the public welfare system is “shaky”. In short, for this reason, this form of financing has returned with great demand and, to satisfy the growing demand, credit operators, banks and finance companies have increasingly worked to provide it and grant it without bureaucracy. On the market we find several proposals but the most interesting that we point out are those of King Prestiti and Convieneonline.i t.

Interesting is the proposed loan of King Loans that allows you to obtain a loan with bills of exchange not aimed at individuals who are employees, retired and self-employed with demonstrable income, whose installment amount can not exceed 30% of the monthly net income received from the applicant. As regards the amount varies from € 2,500 to € 31,000 with a period of amortization ranging from one to ten years with the possibility of repaying installments with bills backed by a credit institution; the time of loan disbursement varies between 8 and 10 days from the date of loan application. It is possible that the figure of a guarantor is requested or the signing of a life insurance policy, for further information and sending documentation to request the evaluation of the practice write to [email protected] .

Among the various proposals and offers on the credit market interesting is the site , a start-up project founded on 5 January 2014 and online starting September 1, 2015, it is an online quote platform for Insurance and Financing that offers a unique shopping experience. By connecting to the site you can choose between different types of financing and insurance . All state employees, public employees, employees of private companies, hired on permanent contracts and pensioners with a maximum age of 73 can access the loan.

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