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Loan changed is a form of fixed rate financing with a constant monthly payment, whose repayment takes place through the credit title consisting of bills of exchange. The amount financed is paid by cashier’s check or by bank transfer paid to the current account of the applicant.
It is reserved for public and state employees, private employees with permanent contracts and pensioners.
All those categories of blacklisted people as bad payers and those who are foreclosed or protested can access the loan. Where can I find financing with bills more quickly? Surely the online channel is increasingly coveted and convenient for those who are a cyber-consumer credit. Numerous sites of credit intermediaries or agents in financial activities operate telematically by offering various loan proposals changed, so it is good to report and direct the various consumers in choosing one and the other site.

Cyber-credit consumers, the fast changed loan of

Cyber-credit consumers, the fast changed loan of

Among the various proposals and offers on the credit market interesting is the site , a start-up project founded on 5 January 2014 and online starting September 1, 2015, it is an online quote platform for Insurance and Financing that offers a unique shopping experience. By connecting to the site you can choose between different types of financing and insurance .

The best quotes available among those proposed by the companies Heca Srl and Hikkihfin Srl can be viewed by the customer in real time and with speed. If the insurance product or the financing you need is no longer available, Hikkih’s advisors present insurance products or financing from other companies in the sector to the customer, thus acting as real online credit brokers. For those who want to integrate the telematic channel, they can contact the call center service to support sales and after-sales of all insurance and financial products. Hikkih’s strategy is to develop Conviene Online so that it becomes the best online insurance and financing platform in Italy , and in other European markets, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France.

Why choose Customization according to real needs, comfort and safety, speed and savings,

We see in this guide the contractual conditions of this credit product very convenient for those who choose to obtain a loan with bills of exchange quickly and online.

All state employees , public employees, employees of private companies, hired on permanent contracts and pensioners with a maximum age of 73 can access the loan.

The following subjects can not obtain the loan with bills:

  • self-employed.
  • employees of Individual Companies.
  • employees with Cassa Edile and / or Cassa Integrazione Extraordinary in payroll.
  • foreign employees.
  • employees at a company with less than 5 employees.

To get a free quote just contact the number 085 9068187 or fill out the reference form , the credit counselors are at your disposal. For further information, you will need to send by e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected] or by fax to the number 085 9112196 , the following documentation:

  • if dependent: last two envelopes, last CUD, identity document, Fiscal Code, bank statement of the last three months.
  • if retired: last CUD, identity document, Tax Code, analytical statement if INPDAP / pension slip, bank statement of the last three months.

Upon receipt of the complete documentation, the credit institution, assessing the documentation received, will provide where it meets the bank requirements required to provide the loan.

Loan changed in a few clicks

We advise you as a loan with bills of exchange and available through the online channel to connect to interesting platform that allows you to get in a few clicks the estimate of your credit product that best suits your financial needs. Let’s take a look at the peculiarities of this product: the home-based loan allows you to comfortably work from home in just a few clicks to be able to interact via the web with a financial agent who will offer you the best loan offer with bills based on your financial needs. The financial advisor will show you all the economic conditions of the loan starting from the interest rate applied, APR, up to the ancillary costs of the loan, such as the possible price of the loan insurance, start-up costs, consultancy costs.

The advice of a financial intermediary for the request for home-based loans is not binding. After having read the conditions applied to the loan, decide whether or not to join the financial proposal and proceed with the signing of the loan agreement by providing all your necessary documentation. It is also possible to access the credit for the unemployed, those who do not show income, bad payers, protested and foreclosures and obtain loans with bills of exchange from 100 euros up to 6000 euros. For subjects with financial problems, the contextual signature of a guarantor with demonstrable income is recommended. By filling out the online form you can get a free online consultation in a few clicks, a consultant will respond in less than 48 hours. Trust me, it’s fast and convenient!

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